Tackle Bag Reorganization Project Part 1

A month or so ago, I purchased a new tackle bag from Gander Mountain as I needed something a bit bigger to carry my gear around.  I got lucky and they were having a big sale so I picked up one of the store brand soft tackle bags and a plano 3700 tray to put my soft plastics in that I don’t use regularly.

Typically, since I primarily bank fish, I end up carrying everything I own with me and use about 1/8th of it.  I plan on doing even more reorganization, but now I plan on telling you how I am working towards breaking down my tackle by the type of fishing I plan on doing each trip.

During this part, I went through all of my soft plastics and pulled out all of my finesse baits as well as the appropriate terminal tackle to use them and placed them all in their own small soft tackle bag.

My reasoning for this is that I don’t finesse fish very often.  In fact, maybe 2% of the fishing I do is finesse.  I plan on changing this and doing more, but for now, it was gear I was carrying and had a very high chance of not being used.

For how I work as a person, having the finesse gear in a bag all to itself will give me a better chance at using it more as I continue to work at becoming a better angler.

Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to work on reorganization of my tackle to help me fish better.  My next plan is to take on my crankbaits.

Grand River – July 28th 2014


The weather was a bit on the chilly side tonight and there was a pretty strong northeastern wind blowing.  The water was nice and choppy so I busted out a spinner bait and got to work.  Caught this guy on a River2Sea spinner bait about 10 yards off of the bank.

Normally I don’t fish spinner baits (except for in-line spinners) but with conditions how they were tonight, I knew it was a perfect time to use one and get better acquainted with using one.  This is part of my desire to become a more complete angler able to use any type of bait depending on conditions and the situation.

Gone to the well one too many times

After completing a week where I fished every single day and got skunked every single time I decided to write up what I learned.

The most important thing I think a fisherman can do is to NOT overfish a spot.  I’ve been hitting up the same 2 spots pretty regularly this summer and I have finally gotten to the point that the fish are on to me.  I haven’t varied my lure choices very much and so the fish are used to seeing what I am using to try and catch them.

Now I want to say that I am very much aware that overfishing a spot is a big no-no, however I do want to say a few things in my defense.  The first thing is that I have a very small window at night when I can go fishing and so I don’t have a lot of time to travel to different bodies of water.  The second thing I want to say is that with the size of some of the fish I had been catching, I just couldn’t resist it.

The point of this story is that I overfished the spot and now I can pretty much guarantee getting skunked when I go back to fish.  Needless to say I will be taking a few weeks off from these spots to hopefully settle them down and let me be able to fish them again and have a chance to catch some fish.

July 8th – Upper Grand River

Gave the spot a few days rest to let the resident fish relax and let the weeds I disturbed settle back to normal.  Tonight I was a bit surprised to catch anything.  I started out throwing a 10 inch Strike King ribbed worm, then a tube, then a craw but nothing was drawing interest.  I had about 20 minutes left to fish before my predetermined time to head home so I tied on a top water frog and gave it a shot.  Worked the entire area and this guy was all that seemed to be around.  The wind had changed direction on me blowing away from the bank so I think  I got lucky catching this guy because most of the fish appeared to be heading back out deep or towards the opposite bank following the baitfish as the wind blew them around.

2014-07-08 20.34.21

July 5th – Upper Grand River

Another night, another fish with the top water frog.  I worry I am over fishing the area but as long as they are still biting, I will keep fishing.   I’ve already caught the resident fish out of the area, so anything I am catching now is coming from deeper water to feed on the rip rap bank.

2014-07-05 09.01.15 2014-07-05 13.24.57

July 1st – Upper Grand River

Went out and was having a tough time.  Nothing I was throwing was getting any interest at all.  Since I am not normally a soft plastic guy, I decided to throw on a top water frog I got from Gander Mountain and see what I could do.  Boy was I shocked after the very first cast.

2014-07-01 20.53.59

June 24th 2014

2014-06-24 20.56.13

I caught this guy off of a bluegill colored Rat-L-Trap in the evening.  Was using a variable speed with my retrieve and he nailed it right as I slowed down to let it drop.  Weighed in at just under 2 pounds and was a little under 16 inches long.