It begins

So, I feel a little backstory is in order.  Megan and I lived in our old house for around eight and a half years.  In that time we worked hard at reducing our waste and trying to simplify our lives as much as we could with the small human we were blessed with in 2010..

In the fall of 2017 we decided to sell our house the following spring and move out into the country.  We spent from the fall of 2017 until the late winter of 2018 preparing our house by finishing any outstanding projects we had.  We were able to list our house the first week of March 2018 and then we made the decision to move into a 2 bedroom apartment for a transitional period as we searched for the perfect house. We officially moved out of our house and into the apartment on April 5th, 2018.

We sold our house officially the end of July and then we began the real hard search for a house.

During the interim we tried our best to enjoy apartment living and for me the one nice thing (besides the view, which was from the 13th floor of a highrise) was being within walking distance from work.

I’m not going to lie, it was a year of ups and downs in the apartment. The building had water issues so it was a rarity to not have the water shut off during the day at least some point during any given week.  We went through most of a super hot Memorial Day weekend with no air conditioning and we were on the 13th floor of a high rise so needless to say it was hot.

During the year we spent as apartment dwellers, most (if not all) of the progress we made on simplifying our lives went out the window.  It was as if the upheaval put us in pure survival mode. Lack of any form of storage also added to the problems we faced at keeping our simple lives.

We were homeschooling our son Owen because we did not know how long we were going to be in the apartment and didn’t want to pull him out of school during the middle of a term. Megan was trying to continue working on her writing, which was difficult due to the limited space the apartment provided but she did her best even though it did stress her out.

Fast forward to February 2019.  Megan showed me a house she had shown me back the previous August and the price had come down into an area we were comfortable spending. We called our realtor to schedule an appointment to go see it.  Well, I won’t go into the horrible details, but after much negotiating we officially purchased the house on May 3rd.

After spending the past 6 months working on projects around the house (some of which I will be posting on) we decided we are going to focus on trying to be as much zero waste as possible and trying to homestead at the same time.

I hope you will follow along as all of us work on being better stewards of this planet and work on simplifying our lives and increasing our self-sustainability.