Day 7: 12/13

One week… I’ll admit there are times that this week felt like it was flying by and times where it felt like it would never end.

This was my first day without taking a nap and I got outside and took a short walk around the side of our apartment building… It felt good to get some fresh air… And to put on pants.

Quick note

Some posts will be clearly written out and some will be just have choppy short sentences.  Some day I compose on my phone and just jot down my thoughts and feelings, and others I want to clearly detail what my day was like…hopefully should anyone but me read this, it won’t be an issue.

Day 6: 12/12/18

Day two without prescription pain meds. So far so good. Between the extra strength Tylenol and the ice machine pain has been tolerable.

Still very sleepy. Sleeping about 10 hours each night then waking up and wanting to go right back to bed.

My wife says I need to make an effort to start staying awake more but without being able to do anything it’s hard to not be sleepy and bored.

Have my follow-up appointment in five days and hopefully I’ll be cleared to go back to work and maybe given an idea as to when I’ll be able to start putting weight back on my leg.

Having a real hard time emotionally today for some reason. Just spent a few minutes in the bathroom by myself. I’m not sure if it is regret or just being drained from having the surgery. I just want to get back to normal where I can walk and take care of my family.

My wife and I talked a little bit tonight about how I am feeling and she reassured me that this is just temporary and I just have a little while longer until I can get back to my old self.

Day 5: 12/11/18

Slept all morning

Could sleep some more… Probably will sleep some more

Switched to just Tylenol with no pain

Iceman still going strong

Wish I was more mobile… Or could dress more.

Hard to believe it’s been almost a week now.

Still having regrets

Rewrapped leg again…. Still swollen but looks much better.

Day 2 through 4: 12/8/17-12/10/18

Well, I made it two days without having regrets about the surgery.  Most of it stems from the fact I am limited to sitting in my chair, only moving to get up to go to the bathroom.

48 hours and stir craziness has set in.  Bad enough I’ve had a snippy attitude and decided napping and avoiding people is for the best.

The hardest part of all of this for me is feeling powerless. I have to sit by and watch my wife and son move around and do everything and not be able to do anything.

I feel horrible for my wife because I can see the stain she is under trying to assume the duties that I normally occupy. Her overall demeanor has changed and this only adds to my regret because it is my fault she is under the strain.

Day one post op 12/7/18

I slept very well my first night. Most likely it was due to the pain meds in my IV but I’ll take it. Hardly any pain at all… Mostly it is awkward with the immobilizer brace on my leg trying to get around.

Already I’m kind of bored which does not bode well for me as I have a minimum of two weeks confined to my chair… Possibly longer.

My pain has gotten worse throughout the day but it still is not that horrible. I know they gave me a block in my leg and once that wears off I’m sure to expect more pain then I’m feeling right now.

Naps are my friend right now. I’m so tired all I want to do is sleep.